About Us

Jesse Carl Vinyl began with two components: a young girl's love for music and the memory of a great man. The owner of Jesse Carl Vinyl grew up in a family that encouraged her to dive into her passions at a very young age, and for her, that passion was music. One of her earliest memories of realizing that passion involved sitting at her grandfather's house at toddler age, strumming on a guitar she had no idea how to play. Little did this man know, however, that his guitar, his influence, and her unquenchable spark would lead her to pursue a professional career in music. 

This man's name was Jesse Carl Ellerbe, and it is from him that this record store has coined its name. Mr. Ellerbe was a phenomenal man who touched the lives of not only his granddaughter, but his entire family. He served in the US Navy during World War II, and married a woman named Vivian Silver. Mr. Ellerbe was a hardworking man who dedicated his life to his wife and five children, and eventually to his five grandchildren, who all remember him as a hero and role model. 


Jesse Carl Vinyl is owned by Jessi Ellerbe, a native of Lakeland, Florida and the youngest grandchild of the late Mr. Ellerbe. Her passion for records began from the influence of her parents and their love for the old sound that only vinyl records provide. She started collecting on her own in late high school and has been on the hunt for a great find ever since. Some of Jessi's hobbies (aside from record collecting) include spending time with family and friends, going to Disney World, watching movies, reading, and going to live shows. Jessi is so excited to be able to share her love of music with the community she has been a part of all her life, and she hopes that Jesse Carl will be a welcomed and loved addition to the beautiful town of Lakeland.